I have a long and spotty relationship to John Waters movies. Much like certain famous authors whose work I didn’t follow in a proper order, the first John Waters movie I saw was Pecker and I hated it, didn’t understand it and I thus wasn’t interested in seeing any more, including Hairspray. I know, a fat girl with a bouffant who hasn’t seen Hairspray, odd, right? And I used to watch Divine videos on you tube but had never seen Female Trouble.

Fat role models I somewhat missed out on in my fat formative years.

Fast forward a few years and I’ve had some friends walk me through the John Waters filmography and now I’m a huge fan. I suggest starting with something like Hairspray or Cry-Baby. Johnny Depp as a swoon-worthy greaser. See exhibit below.

I recently saw Desperate Living for the first time (and I am channeling Liz Renay for my look on Thursday night) and Female Trouble and recommend both.


When Glenn Marla told me he was thinking about doing performance art about how many times he’s been asked to portray Divine I knew a John Waters Rebel Cupcake was just the thing.

Thursday, September 8th, 2011 * Brooklyn, NY
Bevin Branlandingham Presents
Rebel Cupcake 17: Salute to John Waters
10PM-2AM Dancing; show 11ish * $7
($2 off admission if you are on our texty texty list)
Late night dancing til 4a
Sugarland: 221 N 9th St @ Roebling, Brooklyn, NY
(3 blocks from the Bedford L subway stop)

Also featuring BAMBI GALORE, a blonde bombshell burlesquer, and Jean Aquafine, a John Waters inspired drag character all the way from Philly.

John Waters quote props for the photo booth by Nogga, projected images from John Waters dvds curated by my GF, Pink Flamingos cupcakes made by Morgan Hart, dance jamz with DJ Bryan Black.

Photo of me and DJ Bryan Black by Nogga for Rebel Cupcake.

The suggested dress is as follows: pencil mustaches, 1950′s greasers/squares, bouffants and beehives, clothing backwards and of course cross dressing/drag queen and trashy/filth wear!

As always, a beer and a shot at Sugarland is only $6! You should be drinking Brooklyn cheap in Brooklyn!!

Glenn Marla doing spontaneous performance art at an art gallery in December.

Accessibility notes and more info on the Rebel Cupcake page.

Also a few friends of mine have stories that start with “I need to tell you what John Waters said to me at a party once.” Someone once said to me at a party “I want to introduce you to John Waters” but this was prior to my proper induction and the person was giving me creepster vibes so I politely declined. I can’t wait to see what kind of stories come out of this night at Rebel Cupcake!!

Bambi Galore
Bambi Galore! Show us your cupcakes!

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  1. I’ve never seen any John Waters movies! I think i will def have to check them out now. thank you for this blog, it gives me to confidence to be myself and accept the fact that i may not be stick skinny, or even the norm, but different is beautiful and that’s ok.

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