Dear Rebel Cupcakes!

Don’t forget that this Thursday is an amazing show all about queer rebels who love Sci Fi. Kate Bornstein, a personal hero of mine, co-editor of the recently released Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation* and fresh from delivering the keynote at the Femme Conference, is doing a piece (that I get to perform with her!) about Sci Fi, porn, gender, sex, science vs. magic, among other themes.

Kay Ulanday Barrett, a poet and performer, will be performing a piece about the Whedonverse.

Damien Luxe, electrotext wordsmith who last marveled Rebel Cupcakes with her tale of queer roots will perform a piece about Octavia Butler, an important stop for any queer sci fi afficianado!

DJ Shomi Noise, who is committed to remixing Riot Grrrl classics because, in her words, “there isn’t enough feminist dance music” will spin until 1, when DJ Designer Impostor spins until 4am.

As always, Rebel Cupcake photo booth with Nogga Schwartz (catch the antics at the Rebel Cupcake group page) and free cupcakes! Bring your dancing shoes and your joy down to Sugarland tomorrow night!



*I would prefer if you bought it via your local feminist/lgbtq bookstore. But if you buy it via amazon (or anything from amazon) through this link I get a tiny referral fee that is slowly adding up so that I can get a copy of her partner’s book, Urban Tantra.

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  1. sad i missed it because of rosh hashana! one of these days i will actually be able to come, i hope.

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