I’m performing on Friday night at the Femme Conference (Femmeceeing the Risque Cabaret and debuting my new to me black and white latex boa, a gift from a former life of my Butch Ironworker Roommate)! Come see and check out the amazing schedule of events. It’s going to be transformative! For more info on what the Femme Conference is like, check out Episode 5 and 5.5 of FemmeCast.


Below is from Damien:

Dear Femmes, Friends and Allies:

Femme2010: No Restrictions, the Femme Collective’s third Conference, is less than a month away!!!

First, we’re so pleased to have confirmed another Keynote speaker! Moki Macías is a queer femme organizer and community planner in Atlanta, Georgia. Among many other accomplishments, she is the co-founder of BLOCS — Building Locally to Organize for Community Safety — a grassroots organization dedicated to building the leadership and power of those most affected by Atlanta’s police and prison system by fighting for police accountability and developing effective strategies to create just and peaceful communities.

Of course, our other Keynote is gender warrior and heroine Kate Bornstein. Ze is the author of several books, including “Hello, Cruel World: 101 Alternatives To Suicide For Teens, Freaks, and Other Outlaws,” “Gender Outlaw: On Men, Women and the Rest of Us,” and “My Gender Workbook.”

Second, the registration deadline for regular registration rates has been extended through July 31. Registration is only $75 and includes two nights’ entertainment, three days of programming, a film festival, art show and vendor market. Also, our discounted hotel group rate of $109/night expires on the 31st, too – so book rooms now!

Last – if you’re in Oakland, get yourself to WETbar – Femme Conference Fundraiser at Bench and Bar [510 17th Street, Oakland] on August 1st.

Performance and arts are highlighted at Femme2010 – we’re featuring Rosie Lugosi, an award-winning high femme performance artist from the UK, and Alotta Boutté, the Bay Area’s own songstress and burlesque artist extraordinaire, who will be joined by more than two dozen other exciting performers from all over the continent, with talents from spoken word and live music to steamy burlesque and drag. Visual artists will be highlighted during the conference art show, there is a film and video festival, and vendors from a variety of local and national businesses will be selling their work throughout the weekend.

We have more than forty workshops, and the entire schedule of events is up at our website — where you can also check out our FiftyFemme Countdown to the conference and read our blog: www.femmecollective.com.

Though it is more cost-effective to buy your registration in advance we will still be selling tickets at the door and to individual evening events and keynote speeches, so if you can make it work last-minute we would love to see you!!

Forward this far and wide, and we love you and all the work you do every day for femmes.

Damien Luxe, of the Femme Collective Media Committee – femmecollective.com | facebook:
blog femmetech.org | art axondluxe.com | work heelsonwheelsdesign.com

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  1. oh, i wish it were practical for me to go – i’d been looking forward to this ever since i couldn’t go to the previous one!

    i hope it is as amazing as can be, and i know you’ll be brilliant! and i so wish i could meet you =)

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