This year I started getting really into hair bling. It all began when I first got my bouffant, around Halloween 2008. I accidentally let my hair grow out (read: got laid off so I stopped being able to afford regular cuts) and I finally went in to see Carla, my hairdresser at Balance Salon in Jersey City. She convinced me to keep the length, did my cut and then passed me off to a fellow stylist to give me a bouffant. “It’s like an open marriage, I’m just going to watch.”

That bouffant changed my life. Having been traumatized by tangles in my hair at an early age I was afraid of teasing it. Spending 10 minutes working out tangles every now and again is so worth it to have high hair. Sometimes I use a bumpit but never when my hair is truly close to Jesus.


Big hair means a big place to stick fancy things in. I am really into hair bling of all kinds. I even have a line of hair bling at Re/Dress, priced really low, the proceeds of which help feed my hair bling habits.

Actual hair bling I made, friend bought at store, and wore out in the wild.

Actual hair bling part of my habit, modeled by Jessie Dress. It’s a turkey dinner.

I think anyone can use hair bling. If you don’t have a lot of hair, stick a clip on a headband and put it on your head. Poof! It’s like a mini hat, only, you know, a bird.


Dapper Dandies can use hair bling to add a little flavor to their hats.

Here you’ll see a gorgeous purple leather fascinator clipped to a grey hat modeled by Eddie Adonis, of the Charm City Boys in Baltimore. They’re hosting the International Drag KingCommunity Extravaganza in October 2010.


I was doing some personal shopping for him to add sparkle to his wardrobe for IDKE in Tuscon.

My friend Sarah Deragon makes some elaborate and extremely fancy hair bling. Her stuff blows my mind. I got this hot pink feathered number and wore it on a night on the town (Sister Spit the Next Generation tour) and then at work the next day. Hair fascinators do not have to be just for going out!


If you love the stuff in Sarah’s store Looks Good From the Front, leave me a comment here with your dream hair bling (specific flower? specific woodland creature?). The most creative answer gets a coupon to use in the Looks Good from the Front Etsy shop.

And for those of you in the New York City area, in my capacity as the reigning Miss Re/Dress NYC, I am hosting a craft fair! My line of hair bling will be there, as well as a trillion other great vendors! Come support your community and arts for the holidays!


5 Responses

  1. My dream bling would be wavy bacon, kissed by stripes of glitter. I think the ruffly texture of the sweetest of meats would look divine with pin curls.

  2. Dream head bling= heaped-up puff of dark blue and black tulle worn at the side of your head, with a cascade of sparkling silver iridescent stars that fall down in front of your ear all the way to your shoulder.

  3. i wish i had known about the craft fair sooner!
    if you can use anymore vendors, please let me know?

  4. Don’t forget that I offer free shipping on all of my items. I’ll be running a discount this weekend – check my site for details on Friday.

  5. My dream head bling would be a hippo head with it’s own interchangable head bling (tiara, flower, feathers, etc). The hippo head itself would have lots of fun eye makeup and big eyelashes and glitter. It would be a sexy hippo femme, not a goofy hippo.
    It would strap on with a comfy, yet discreet, head band.

    Make this for me.

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