Darlings! Queer Fat Femme land is about to erupt in sequins and glitter!

This weekend is a really huge weekend for me. First up is Zombie Queer Cabaret!

It’s going to be full of hotties and I am a big matchmaker from the stage. Could your queer love boat involve a glittery smooch with some Zombie Femme Cupcakes prepared by Amanda, our Madam of Country Glam, and the rest of the Femme Family?


I’m also very excited to have Lorelei Lee (I fell for her work at the Sex Worker’s Art Show in 2008) and special guest burlesque from North Carolina, Ms. Mary Wanna.
I do have a thing for bombshell red heads.

The dance party will also be killer–DJ Shomi Noise is one of my favorite local djs.

Then Sunday night I am competing in the Miss Lez pageant.


I don’t want to give anything away about my platform, but it’s very me and very exciting. The performers I know who are contestants are also really phenomenal. It’s going to be a fun show. Buy pre-sale tickets on sale now!


Also, if you find yourself up for an adventure out west, you can still buy tickets to and attend the functions at the butch-femme.com bash this weekend. The site is completely not for profit and the weekend is what keeps the site running (along with member donations). I did a great interview with Christine De La Rosa about it for FemmeCast, but unfortunately my computer got a virus and is now on lock down. Until that gets fixed, you’ll need to take my word for it!