What to do if someone copies your idea

All the time I spent talking about and worrying about other folks copying me long ago… I literally thought to myself earlier tonight, “I had too much time on my hands to pay attention to that, I shoulda put my head down and gotten back to work on myself or my business!”

You are Stronger Than You Think: Grief, Resilience and Capricorn Resistance

Capricorns are the goat climbing the mountain. Persistent, ambitious, success-driven, not showing weakness. The cardinal Earth sign. The Keep It Together and Look Good Doing It sign.

I understood Grandmother’s reticence to ask for help when she got swept away to the hospital, to sit in a bed by herself and not call her kids or grandchildren. Just to do it on her own and not bother anyone. Getting away with not seeming like a mess or like she needed anything.
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