What if Tipping Revolutionized the World?

I’ve been thinking a lot about how powerful it is in the economy to spend our money directly with other people, and not to companies with shareholders. Imagine if a few hundred people started tipping with cash lavishly how much that could change our economic situation? Community care has shown itself to be the way again and again.

Participant or bystander?

There are so many ways to show up for movements, but I really liked this sentiment my friend Ariel posted for Pride today. “Today, Pride Day, I hope I’m less racist and more ferocious than I was a year ago and I hope next year I’m less racist and more ferocious again.”

Evaluated Experience

I’ve seen lots of folks repeat the same challenges again and again because they never evaluate the lessons. Or change! Life is about the lessons and when you don’t learn them you’re doomed to repeat them. You’re going to outgrow people like this. Let them be.

Pride is a Rebellion

When I produced my first event at Stonewall I learned from the manager that they call Stonewall a Rebellion not a Riot. It’s an important distinction that I think is important to remember.

Our foremothers (primarily Black Trans women and butches) were rebelling against consistent persistent abuse from the police. Pride began as a rebellion, a protest.

How Castro Valley is Not the Castro

When we were driving to Northern CA for my partner to have a work meeting in San Francisco during our post-chemo road trip last Fall, she made the mistake of confusing my hometown of Castro Valley, CA with the famous district of The Castro in San Francisco. The two places are only a 30 minute drive apart, but could not be further from one another in many ways.

I wasn’t so excited to show Dara my hometown, but it was very important for me to dispel any confusing thoughts she had about the two places. I share below some of the highlights.

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Femme Pride Week 2009!

If you are anywhere near NYC this weekend, you NEED to make a trip! The Femme Family has been working really hard to prepare our first ever FEMME PRIDE WEEK! As the denmother of the queerscouts I’ve put together a little itinerary to make your week super fabulous and well-organized (I am a Capricorn).