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Aligning my days for productivity and minimal resistance

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(This post is part of a series of daily letters from me to my future children reporting from the emerging paradigm.)

Dear Kids:

Lately my focus has been on how to align my days for swift productivity and minimal resistance. Which has a lot to do with working smarter not harder and trying out new forms of energy.

First of all, I think most of our energy comes to us metaphysically and meditation and prayer are cornerstones of my life and routine. But even still, since the quarantine began I’ve been getting ultra tired early in the day. I think some of that is metaphysical, I process a lot for those around me and my energy healing clients. I also think this time is being called “The Great Pause” for a reason. It’s not necessarily about max productivity, rest is essential to productive work.

I learned recently that there’s no such thing as time management. Time is going to move along whether you’re “managing” it or not. What’s essential is priority management. That is much more doable and it helps you focus on those few things that truly do matter.

I have learned will power is burned off early in the day, and it’s when I feel sharpest, which is why I see my coaching and energy healing clients first thing in my day and why I try to get the things that require brain power done before 2pm.

I’m totally obsessed with physiology and how the way we move and fuel our bodies affects our experience and enjoyment of life. This stems back to my lifetime of dealing with depression. I get seasonal depression, I have regular genetic depression I can see all through my patriarchal line. (I do not know yet if you kids are genetically related to me or adopted, but I hope you don’t inherit a predisposition to depression or alcoholism. If you do I hope you learn from me how to align your self care so you don’t have to learn the same hard lessons I’ve had to!)

I have always known that dance helps me feel more joyful. In fact, the first thing I did when I was 19 years old and made the fateful decision that I wanted to “stop hating myself” (I had no language for self love, I did not yet understand or identify my depression) was to start doing dance aerobics again. I was using MTV’s The Grind workout on VHS during that era.

How lucky I was in that moment to have a vcr and tv in my dorm room and how wise I was to use dance to shift my perspective of life.

I study physiology for Fat Kid Dance Party because I want folks to have actionable, accessible tools to level up their experience in life. It’s also helpful for me! Not just the founder, I’m also a client!

In this season where I’m optimizing and adapting work efficiency I am working towards having my daily movement practice early in the morning. A wild feat for me since slow mornings are my jam and by the time I’m “ready” to move it’s hot and sunny outside. (Typically for me I move in the late afternoon/early evening.)

But it’s undoubtable that the earlier in the day I dance the more likely I am to be upbeat and dancey the rest of the day. And, oh, how satisfying life is when I feel like dancing.

We’ll see as I progress into daily morning movement how I do. Once I feel my energy flagging in the afternoon when I eventually do move it’s not with the same vigor I could give it in the morning.

I hope you never settle for good enough and keep working to get better and improve your experience of this one and only life you get to live.



My neighbor caught this while I was walking Biscuit Reynolds. While I don’t stand by this outfit choice for public consumption it was too cute not to share. (And that day I was part of a team putting woodchips down on our forest trail muddy bits and that early morning hauling and shoveling was great pep for the rest of my day.)

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