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Link Farm! (and other bacon & cupcake related news)

Hey y’all, just a little housekeeping post.

First of all, I have started to tend to a little link farm on Tumblr. QueerFatFemme.Tumblr.Com.

I live in Brooklyn with no plot of land and no way to keep a window box of flowers, so instead I have decided to create a virtual space for sharing of art, events, community resources and the other flotsam and jetsam that comes my way. People email me a lot asking what’s going on in NYC or to get resources from me or give them to me. I love to make connections for people and entertain and that’s what the tumblog will do. It even looks a little bit like my high school newspaper layout, cut and paste style.

It feeds to my twitter and facebook fan page (it’s new, fan me!), so you don’t need to add the tumblog to your RSS feed unless that’s how you want to make it happen. I’m not going to boss you about how to manage your social networking and information gathering on the internet.


I’m producing a new MONTHLY Thursday drag/burlesque show and dance party! The info is below for the first one (it’s a Thursday thing but not the same Thursday each month since I travel a lot).

Thursday, May 6, 20FEMME * Brooklyn, NY
Bevin Branlandingham Presents
Rebel Cupcake
10PM-2AM Dancing; show 10:30-11:30 * $5
Sugarland: 221 N 9th St @ Roebling, Brooklyn, NY

Bevin presents a new monthly Thursday night for queer fat femmes & our friends, fans and cupcake afficianados! Drag & Burlesque show in a Joan Jett/Pat Benetar theme (some seating available). Music at house party level–great for dancing and for mingling.

DJ Shomi Noise on the decks!

Bevin and The Baconettes came back for another turn (remember us from Miss Lez) on the stage of the biggest queer dance party in Brooklyn, That’s My Jam! We performed a group number to Madonna’s “Hanky Panky”. I have always wanted to perform that number. You can check us out again at Hey Queen in April.


Bevin and the Baconettes L-R: AfroTitty, Hurricane Mae, Bevin Branlandingham, Lola Dean

Photos by Nogga Schwartz, they are SO GOOD! Check them out–clicky here

My next post is a doozy! Stay tuned!


International No Diet Day!

I finally have the internet again! I’m in my new place, greatly relieved to be reunited with my stuff, have my Muppet Pets settled in and be slowly but surely creating a space that is the sort of sanctuary I haven’t had in quite some time!

Yesterday was International No Diet Day. I had a sort of social hiatus during my move so that I could focus on the things that needed to get done and was relieved to celebrate the end of that and the beginning of a fabulous summer outdoor season with a BBQ at my friends’ Deb and Anne’s place. They have a gorgeous backyard which is perfect for parties.

We’ve been having an insane amount of rain in Brooklyn, but it stopped for the afternoon–just long enough to enjoy the BBQ and the company.

My look was a little bit Serial Mom. I’m loving my collared cotton wrap dresses these days. Also featured are Bryn and Taueret. Taureret is raising money for her Fierce, Fat and Fly for Queers for Economic Justice amazing race adventure.

We celebrated bodies in all of their forms, but mostly just by being together and goofing off. This is Loren offering me a ticket to the Gun Show.

Golda of Body Love Wellness posted a great list of 16 Reasons Not to Diet for INDD and joined us for the festivities. The picture I got of her wasn’t great, so I won’t post it. But imagine her among these lovelies.

My friend Eden in a vintage, flowing frock.

Deb’s fabulous slip dress layering. Over jeans with a comfy sweater. An important reminder that you can easily keep wearing slip dresses and lingerie in all sorts of weather!

Muse brought 30 gourmet cupcakes, which I delightfully distributed to our crowd of about 25-30 folks.

This BBQ was a great example of my favorite kind of activism. A fun, easygoing celebration of people, bodies, and friendship with the addition of cupcakes, chicken wings and champagne punch.

What did you do for INDD?

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