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(Let’s Pretend We Don’t Have) Feelings–New Music Video from GAYmous!


I adore the duo behind GAYmous, PizzaCupcake and FxBoi. They are incredible, talented and super rad people. And when I first watched their new video for “(Let’s Pretend We Don’t Have) Feelings” I couldn’t help but smile. Watching fun queers dancing around, many of whom you’ll recognize from my blog in years past and my travels to San Francisco, and listening to the incredibly catchy tune. It was morning when we watched it and my girlfriend was singing it in the shower a few minutes later.

(Let’s Pretend We Don’t Have) Feelings from GAYmous on Vimeo.

It also features some notable cameos by Memphis the Pup! And the Collective Tarot! And LHB–which stands for Long Haired Butch, of which FxBoi is a prime example!

Like GAYmous on Facebook!
Watch the video a trillion times on Vimeo!
Order the digital download of their upcoming dance EP and simultaneously contribute to the funding of creation of the dance EP! Or just throw tons of dollar bills their way because they are amazing!!

PizzaCupcake’s hot unitard is by Size Queen, the best of all spandex creators.

Photo by Arkansassy.


Oakland! Rebel Cupcake Meets Hot Box Friday, January 28th at 9:30!

I am super excited to bring the magic of Rebel Cupcake all the way out to Oakland! Tell your friends, this one of a kind performance and dance night is going to be even better because there are so many amazing party producers teaming up to make it happen.

PLUS a costume contest! I wish I could offer that at the NYC Rebel Cupcake! Make $100 just by looking fly in 80s gear!

Friday, January 28, 2011 * Oakland, CA
Bevin Branlandingham & Movement Productions & BoiBlue Events Present
Rebel Cupcake: Oakland
9PM Show / Dancing until after hours * FREE until 10PM (so come early to enjoy the show and the wonderful party!) $10 after, $15 after 1am
510 17th Street, Oakland
9pm until After Hours

The team at Hot Box in the Bay has joined forces with Bevin Branlandingham to produce a Rebel Cupcake for the West Coast! Bringing for the first time on the road the magic of the Brooklyn-based “Flamboyant queer dance party for all shapes and flavors” that calls “Unrestrained fabulousness!”

Performers include:
Vixen Noir, multidisciplinary performance artist (actress, dancer, burlesque artist, poetess, singer)
Ms. Ginger Snapz, Seattle’s Premier Black Burlesque Starlet
Titland, burlesque tap dance featuring Kentucky Fried Woman and Starr69
Lynn Breedlove (Lambda award winning author, Tribe8 alum)
Femmecee Bevin Branlandingham, “An ultra-rad warrior for self-acceptance.”–

More info on Hot Box in the Bay right here!
RSVP on Facebook.




Unicorn Party

Kentucky Fried Woman is one of the most inspirational Femmes I’ve had the privilege to know. She is kind, creative, talented and hot. She is a burlesque, drag and tap performer (among other performance talents). She also makes incredible fried chicken. We met years and years ago at the International Drag King Extravaganza.

Me, Kentucky Grilled Man and Jukie Sunshine backstage at Flabulous! 2 in Oakland last June. Flabulous! is just one of many incredible productions KFW has curated. Photo from my camera. All other photos in this post are courtesy of KFW.

Another thing that is true about KFW is that she has an intense love for unicorns.


When one has friends scattered throughout the world and Facebook links us together, we get to have intense fear of missing out (FOMO) when we see all of the amazing photos and events going on without us. KFW lives in Oakland* and I live in Brooklyn and I have never experienced such intense “I WISH I COULD HAVE BEEN THERE” as when I heard about the Unicorn Party she threw.


The International Ms. Leather weekend is held yearly in San Francisco. One of the annual events is a Uniform Party. KFW got a bunch of friends together to crash the party dressed as unicorns. Basically the idea was that they walked in and said “I thought this was a UNICORN party!” I doubled over when I heard that.

They got together beforehand, crafted unicorn horns (here’s a tutorial if you want to know how to make one out of paper) and dressed together in a hotel room. I saw a few photos on Facebook of the unicorns at the uniform party and it was hysterical.


One of the first times the World Famous *BOB* performed at one of my events, Cupcake Cabaret, she said performing there was like being in a unicorn stable. I loved that compliment, and when coming up with the theme for the January Rebel Cupcake it occurred to me that *BOB*’s comment should just be taken to the next level.

So it is in homage to two of my favorite unicorn people that this Thursday’s Rebel Cupcake is a Unicorn Party.


Folks get $2 off admission if they wear a unicorn horn. I am hoping people are getting creative. Even a piece of binder paper twirled into a cone and taped to your forehead is in the unicorn spirit.

Also, you can totally buy the bandanna sported by Glenn Marla on the flier for the party at my etsy shop! The unicorn is named Gumdrop. They are a genderfluid fat unicorn and the mascot for my blog.

I think KFW has shown that there are so many different ways to be a unicorn in this world.


*Also, no FOMO this month, Bay Area!! I’m taking Rebel Cupcake on the road! Jan 28th I’m pairing with Hot Box to present a Rebel Cupcake: Oakland! The line-up is hot and I’ll post more info here once I have it!!


California Tour 20FEMME Starts Thursday: Fat Activist Panel, Flabulous 2, Re/Dress Shopportunity in Oakland!

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You may or may not know that I am a native Californian, from the East Bay, specifically. Rachel Maddow and I share a hometown and high school, but I’m only 31 so we didn’t hang out or anything. It feels really weird to be going “home” to do mostly performing and being at a conference and being a shop girl. I won’t even see my family until I go to LA the following week. I think everyone has some complicated feelings when they travel home. Mine are all aflutter, but nevertheless I am focusing on all of the amazing shows/documentaries/shopportunities I get to be part of in the next week.

My subsequent LA trip is a family event but I’ve decided to focus on beach, bourbon and burgers as much as possible around it.

If you can make it to any of the following events, I’d love to meet you!! Especially at the shopportunity, that’s going to be really fun. I hope people bring champagne.

Thursday, June 3, 20FEMME * San Francisco, CA
Queer Fat’titude: an evening of irreverence.
6PM -8PM * Free
LGBT Historical Society
657 Mission Street (at 2nd St), Suite 300

Bevin is on the panel! We’ll be celebrating the history of fat activism in the Bay Area (and beyond)! Come out to the San Francisco LGBT Historical Society! There will be a fierce panel of queer fat activists, a photo exhibit, and yummy treats! Virgie Tovar will be moderating the panel.

Saturday, June 5, 20FEMME * Oakland, CA
Bevin Branlandingham FemmeCees & Curates
Saturday Night Cabaret at NOLOSE
9PM Show / Dancing 11:00ish * Open to Conference Attendees Only

Information at this link!

Sunday, June 6, 20FEMME * San Francisco, CA
Kentucky Fried Woman & Jay Walker, in conjunction with the National Queer Arts Festival present
Flabulous! 2: Fatter Than Ever!
7PM show * Tickets: $12-$20
African-American Art and Culture Complex

Bevin performs in a very exciting show for fat queers and their allies. Flabulous! 2: Fatter Than Ever! is the second live performance production by Kentucky Fried Woman and Jay Walker featuring fat queers and their allies, highlighting the lived experiences of fat queers and envisioning revolutionary possibilities for fighting body fascism and embracing all bodies as beautiful. More information & tickets at the event website!

Flabulous 2

Monday, June 7, 20FEMME * Oakland, CA
Bevin Branlandingham is a Shopgirl at
SHOPPORTUNITY 20FEMME: Re/Dress NYC & Size Queen Clothing in Oakland
5PM-9PM * Econo Lodge, 10 Hegenberger Rd.



Femme Conference Date Set for August 20-22! Call for Submissions!

I’m on the media committee for this year’s Femme Conference (save the date! August 20-22, 20FEMME, Oakland, CA) and that means I’m updating the Femme Collective Twitter! You know it’s going to be magic up in there! I’m starting the Tweet Down today!

Follow us:

Femme2010: No Restrictions

Femme Logo

Femme Collective presents

August 19th-22nd
Oakland, CA

Hello Fabulous Femmes and Allies!

The Femme Collective is proud to announce Femme2010: NO RESTRICTIONS.  Building off of Femme2006 and Femme2008, Femme2010: No Restrictions

(August 20-22, 2010 in Oakland, CA) continues to explore, discuss,

dissect, and support Queer Femme. The weekend will include workshops,

panels, presentations, performances, film, and art. We invite people of

all genders who are interested in a deeper understanding of Femme, as

well as all self-identified Femmes who want to learn, teach, connect,

and build community geared towards social change.

In this newsletter meet our new steering committee members, check out our Call for Submissions, learn about our registration rates, check out our host hotel!


us this August in Oakland for this groundbreaking event.  Please

forward to your personal networks and help us get the word out!

The Femme Collective


To find out more about your 2010 steering committee click here!



Call for Workshops, Papers, Panels, Films, Performance and Visual Art

Femme2010: No Restrictions
Oakland Marriott City Center
1001 Broadway
Oakland, California 94607
August 19th – 22nd, 2010 

Femme2010: No Restrictions

is a multi-threaded conference and forum for those who think about,

talk about, and create Femme as a queer gender and identity.


our Femme2006 & 2008 conferences in San Francisco & Chicago,

where hundreds of femmes and allies gathered for workshops, panels,

films, visual art galleries and performances, we again invite community

members, artists, academics, homemakers, geeks, techies, activists,

femmes of all kinds, and their allies to continue the conversation by

participating in Femme 2010 as presenters and participants.


are invested in having Femme2010 continue to reflect the diversity and

complexity of femme gender, identity and contributions. We hope for

this conference to be a community building event, as well as an exploration and celebration of what it means to build and live queer femme identities.


of all kinds are welcome, particularly submissions by femmes. We

encourage proposals by and for people of color, working-class people,

fat folks, elders, youth and people with disabilities. We encourage

submissions that work outside and alongside identity and gender, as

well as those reflecting directly upon identity and gender. Femme2010

will continue the community dialogue from Femme2006 & 08. In

particular, we hope that the intersections of femme with race, region,

class, access, ability, privilege, and marginalization will be talked

about, given space, meditated upon, constructed, and deconstructed.

Finally, we also encourage submissions based on this year’s theme: No


We began this conference in 2006 out of a desire

to see femme explored and discussed from a variety of perspectives. We

wanted a conference that held the complexities of Queer Femme as its

central focus, while building community. We feel we accomplished that

in 2006 & 2008 and in 2010, we want to continue to build femme

community and bridges, supporting each other across borders and


We hope to draw participants from across

disciplinary, medium, and social boundaries. We encourage submissions

from anyone interested, regardless of gender or sexual identity. We do

ask that you read our mission statement before submitting.

We are soliciting contributions from anyone interested, including (but not limited to):

> workshops
> panel presentations
> performances
> research presentations
> skill shares
> activist & organizational topics
> visual art
> video or film

Submission deadline is April 15, 2010.

Please submit your proposal through the following links, located at

Program Submission click here

Performance Submission click here

Film Submission click here

**Please note that the more information we have on your submission,

the more likely we will be able to accept your submission and include

it in the conference schedule.

To learn more about us, our

mission and to contact us with any questions, comments or concerns,

please find us at our website:



is now open!

Register early to save – registration for the entire

weekend is $50 right now, $75 after May 15, and $95 after July 15.   Registration includes all day and evening events.


Host Hotel
Oakland’s Marriott City Center
1001 Broakway
Oakland, CA 94607
August 20-22, 2010



all inquiries and media requests to: Damien Luxe and/or Allison Stelly,

Media Chairs, at femmecollectivemedia at gmail dot com. Your request will then

be forwarded to the appropriate steering committee member for more

information. Additional information is also available at


The Femme Collective is actively seeking volunteers to help us with this year’s conference.  Volunteers get a reduced registration rate for the conference.  If you are interested in volunteering please click here and fill out the form.

Safe Unsubscribe

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The Kentucky Fried Woman Show: Video Post!

I first saw Kentucky Fried Woman at an International Drag King Community Extravaganza conference in 2002 and many years subsequent. She’s always been a tour de force of queer fat femme love, community leadership and great performance. I’ve never seen a troupe, group or solo performance that she was in that was anything less than superb. We’ve become good friends over the last couple of years and when I got a call for performers for her new monthly show at Velvet* in Oakland, CA… well, it was hard to deny a $200 bargain fare from Philadelphia to Oakland for a subsidized vacation.

The show was TV Show Theme Songs. The Jeffersons theme, Charles in Charge, Six Feet Under, The Golden Girls, Facts of Life and a few others were highlighted. I co-femmeceed the show.

Kentucky Fried Woman married her two loves of Dallas and the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders in a burlesque extravaganza that included a kick line AND tassel twirling.

Thanks to my mom being in the audience, I have video! Here’s my number.

I did the True Blood theme song and married my two loves of morality vampires and Paula Deen.

I also have video of my FemmeCast promo from the show here, as well. What you should know is that right before this segment we had a commercial break (Penny Whistle & Lance Armstar did several commercials, this one was Mr. Clean featuring a dirty pig and a farmer with a knife).

The KFW show is thematic and every single first Friday of the month until the end of the year. I was totally sad to miss the Muppets Take Oakland theme show, but it’s the day before the Fat Girl Flea Market. I have to say a big thanks to KFW for having me at this show, though, because this trip to California was really restorative for me, both as a performer and a human being.

*The management of Velvet has been taken over by the inimitable Christine De La Rosa. It is truly becoming a community space under her leadership and you should consider going there for the free wifi and community space Monday-Wed, and on the weekends for their extremely hot patronage.

I loved Velvet so much that I went back on Sunday night to spend that historic End of the L Word Forever Thank God night with Zuleikha and Gina De Vries. I was overwhelmed by how packed it was and HOW HOT all of the queers were. I mean. Oakland, where were all these hotties when I was a baby gay and living in the Bay Area? I tried to take a clandestine photo of the audience (only half of which I could get from my angle) but mostly failed.

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