FemmeCast Video Podcast Episode 2: Heather MacAllister’s Embodying Fat Liberation

I really hope you’ll pull up a cupcake and cozy in for 13 minutes. Heather’s piece is very accessible, chronicles the history of the Fat Bottom Revue (the fat burlesque troupe she founded) and also speaks to the need to use the body in order to work against fat oppression.

“We will never have our freedom if we only live from the neck up, yet that is the way that many fat people live, even, or especially, the fat activists and academics among us… The oppression of anti-fat hatred is sited on the body, and it is in the body that these wounds can be healed.” —Heather MacAllister

A Little Fat, a Little Femme

Dirty Martini, a New York based burlesque legend, is in the upcoming size issue of V Magazine. Shot by Karl Lagerfeld, what I love about the images is that is brings together a fat femme with Coco Chanel, a designer who had a great deal of influence on one of my earliest Femme icons, my grandmother. I can see several of Grandmother’s cherished accessories adorning Dirty in the image below.