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Winter is Style Phobic

Yesterday my Femme friend Rachel posted to FaceBook that she doesn’t understand how to dress for snow and solicited tips. Femme Family Madam of Beauty, Bryn, responded “Snow = Femmephobic”. An FF Butch ally complained about snow being butchphobic because of the giant duck-like snow boots she is forced to wear.

Let’s be real–winter is just plain stylephobic. It’s a lot harder to be cute in the cold, what with all of the layering and the arduous task of putting on coats, gloves, hats, and special shoes just to leave your house. I grew up in California and didn’t experience my first real winter until I was 21. A decade later I’m still not over the novelty and annoyance.

I have come up with some ideas as to how to inject style and sass into your winter blah blah blahs for not a lot of money.

1. Get an accessory that can transition the everyday into glamour.

Your coat and accouterments are the first thing everyone sees on you. It’s also the one outfit you’ll wear every single day. Making it a good one is important.

This year I found a great way to transition 3 late fall weight coats (or California winter coats) to be really stellar and glamorous outerwear: a $10 Old Navy khaki trench, a getting sort of crappy houndstooth coat I was thinking of giving away and a mid-range mod print black and white coat. I bought a vintage fur stole* for $20. It wasn’t in fabulous condition, so I felt totally fine stitching it up, closing it with a pin and throwing it over any one of those coats. Instaglamour!

I wish I had a better shot of the coat but I think the Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha cameo totally makes up for it.

I also bought a really gorgeous pair of teal leather gloves for $10. They were GAP in origin (but I got them from Re/Dress). They really pop against any kind of neutral coat, they’re water proof, and they actually work to open Macy’s poop bags, which is not true of most gloves. I believe in good leather or leather-like gloves only if they are cheap because expensive gloves get lost.

I feel complicated about hats so I try to have a coat with a hood in late winter. I’ve been seeing girls wear really floppy beret style hats this winter, with their bangs able to show and still function as a hat. I like having big hair so it makes it hard to deal. I have earmuffs that wrap around the back of my bouffant.

I shop like a magpie so pretty much anything sparkly gets my attention. A sparkly scarf is my day to day in the deep winter. Glenn Marla here models a glittery ascot. I’ve seen many of my hippest queer friends layering their scarves this year–so even if it is a thin glittery overlay you can put more layers under them. One girl showed up to a gallery opening with I think at least 5 scarves around her neck.
Glenn & Me at Heavy

Nothing says “I’m bringing a little winter cheer to this bitch” like wearing bright accessories in the depths of February.

2. Become a Maple Chaser.

When you’re confused about what to wear in the winter, look to our Canadian cousins. If anyone knows how to dress for insanely cold weather, it’s people who live it 5 months of the year. I like to cruise my Facebook friends to see what the Canadian fatties are wearing and then pester them with questions about where stuff comes from.

A visiting Canadian walked into Re/Dress this winter wearing the most gorgeous full-length fuchsia down coat. She also had fuchsia hair. I see a lot of well-dressed folks at the store and it takes an especially foxy outfit to stick in my memory like that.

It was likely this coat from Lands’ End. It’s still not on sale, but it might be by the end of winter.

3. Get some bangin’ outerwear.

I scour all year long for good outerwear (this is how you can get stuff for cheap). I found my calf-length down coat at a Marshall’s last January on sale for $40 when I was in there looking for some impulsive-make-me-feel-better-cheap-lingerie to buy. A plus size new with tags calf-length down coat is hard enough to find, let alone for $40. It is always worth it to rifle through the coat section of those places.

Sometimes it is a good idea to splurge when the time is right. My friend Miasia bought this coat from an online Parisian retailer. It’s INSANELY gorgeous, warm, and she got it on sale. I forget where it’s from or how much she spent but I say worth it. It’s form fitting, flattering, unusual and wool.


Even Macy gets some amazing outerwear for the coldest months. This waterproof for the snow pink lame’ and silver coat was $2, new with tags at the goodwill (originally from Target).

4. These boots were made for walkin’ not fallin’.

I am a faller. I hate falling. I don’t understand people who don’t wear snow boots. They have treads and are waterproof and keep your feet warm. I think snow boots get a bad rap as being big crazy duck shoes. They don’t have to be sporty like that! Online footwear shopping is your friend for snow boots.

My first winter as a working girl, I had to travel to do closings, so I needed a pair of boots I could tromp around Manhattan in that went seamlessly with my work wardrobe. I found a pair of Lands’ End fleece boots that are completely black, inconspicuous and have lasted for 7 years. The lovely part I’ve found is that, since they are black, they work equally well with tights, leggings or work pants.

Right now I am in love with these stylish Fitzwell Lesley’s. They’re spendy, though.

On the other end of the spectrum, Deb, the owner of Re/Dress, introduced me to these totally cute boots.


I believe these are Tretorn Women’s Glad Rubber Boots. They’re about $48 and Deb reports very warm and keep her feet very dry!

Your boots do not have to sacrifice fashion for function!

5. Make the big reveal a good one!

As for the stuff underneath all of those layers, I like to wear polyester vintage dresses in the winter. They are extremely warm (nothing like a fabric that doesn’t breathe). I also tend to layer tights under leggings and wear wool socks. Because when wool gets wet, wool stays warm. (I learned the tights instead of long johns trick and wool socks bit from my winter camping training in Girl Scouts.) When you wear tights under your clothes it also doesn’t matter as much if they have runs or holes in them because they’re hidden.

When you dig your car out from 4 feet of snowdrift wearing tights and you fall in a snowbank, you dry off really quickly, where jeans will retain the freeze far longer. I’ve found this year’s crop of tights from Target and Avenue to have a good longevity.

I also like to put my scarf on right after I put on my perfume (just one neck spritz)** because when it comes off it retains a subtle whif of fragrance which is a really good olfactory seduction.

And no time is more of a special time for cleavage as the winter. Frankly, there’s just not as much and I like to do my best to defeat that.

I end this post with one of my favorite songs of the now (even though it’s a little old). It IS hard to be a girl in all seasons!!

*It was sold to Re/Dress by World Famous *BOB*, I bought it with store credit I got for trading in my white fur collar/muff/hat set that I never wore because it was too pristine. In turn, Australian burlesque performer Lillian Starr bought my set from Re/Dress. The beauty of resale!

**Always being mindful of people with scent sensitivities–that’s no joke! If you know someone who has one NEVER wear perfume around them. My mom is scent sensitive and perfume is like migraine-inducing kryptonite.


Outfit of the Opening Glam Slam

Dear Fatshionistas:

I haven’t posted an OOTD* in maybe three years? But the fatshion event I was at last night was so inspirational I really needed to share. So consider this a dispatch about outfits and shopping and food and fat community.

It was the Opening Night Glam Slam for Re/Dress, the Plus Size Vintage and Resale Boutique. (During my funemployment I am a shopgirl there.)

I Femmeceed the floor show (burlesque greats World Famous *BOB*, Dirty Martini and Della Dare as well as World Class Belly Dancer Miasia performed).

While the show was amazing, the fatshion was out of this world. It was really a night about celebrating fat community and fashion at its glittery and magical collision. My besties and I decided that since we are very dedicated to reclaiming the patriotic colors of red, white and blue (now with 20% less irony, as Tara has said about the new administration) and we’ve all bought dresses in that aesthetic from Re/Dress we thought we would totally go all quintuplet.**

This is all of us with Deb, the owner of Re/Dress and the best boss I’ve had. She said at the end of the show to the audience “This is my gift to you, and I love you.”

L-R: Deb, wearing a Garo Sparo custom made corset and jacket, and Size Queen clothing bustle skirt (the designer, Bertha Pearl, was in attendance).

Zoe, Tara, myself (Bevin) in vintage finds from Re/Dress.
Muse in Stop Staring Lucille Ball Sailor wife realness
Julia in a Re/Dress vintage cheerleader dress that she borrowed from the ever-expanding collection of Tara.

This is me and Tara doing the classic Fatshionista OOTD pose in the giant mirror. My knee socks are from Torrid and shoes are old school TUK Mary Janes. Tara’s boots are Duo boots.

And because no fatshion post is complete for me without a little food added in (these curves don’t fill out themselves, you know) The World Famous *BOB* doing food performance art on our pink chaise.

And Darlinda, Just Darlinda, enjoying the remainder of the Meat Platter***, catered by local restaurant Tini Wine Bar.

Here’s Tranny Superstar Glenn Marla, modeling a dress that is a stunning purple suede situation. There were only two of them made, one went to Whitney Huston and the second was a sample for The Forgotten Woman, which was a fancy upscale boutique on the Upper East Side of Manhattan that closed some time ago. It has now made its way into the Re/Dress collection.

He is accompanied by one of our fabulous go-go dancers, Mr. Kate.

And here are the go-go dancers in a row, Darlinda Just Darlinda, Taueret (another co-worker at Re/Dress and the recently appointed Madam of Ferocity of the NYC Femme Family) and Mr. Kate. If you’ve never been to an event with Fat go-go dancers you NEED to do this. It will rock your world in all the best ways.

This is Miasia performing in one of her custom made belly dancing costumes. I love them all, but there’s a special place in Mama’s heart for leopard print.

*BOB* performed a number she has done for seven years, a typical sort of bump and grind burlesque song overlayed with lots of hateful things people have actually said to her over the years. “Are those things real?” “If you lost ten pounds I would love to design clothes for you.” “You have such a pretty face, why do you look so hard?” “I f— you from behind so I don’t have to see your face.” Among others. She said this was the first time in all of the times she’s performed it where the audience actually booed and hissed at the fat hatred.

Anyway, Fatshionistas. I was very proud to be part of such an amazing community building event, celebrating a store I feel really excited to experience on the regular.


Bevin Branlandingham

*Outfit of the Day
**Also, given the limited nature of plus size retail, it is not uncommon for us to buy the same exact outfits because you know, there are only a few retailers that make certain aesthetics in our sizes. Twinsies is a fun side effect of being fat femme besties.
***My favorite quote from last night was from a journalism student live blogging the event. “So apparently Target has plus-size tights in bright colors. I learned this from a girl by the meat platter. She’s got some cool style. She was wearing a yellow cardigan and hot pink tights.”

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