It’s okay to thrive

I lost about a third to a half of my projected 2020 income within the space of a week. But, I have multiple sources of income and could shift my focus to that. I had strong routines. I had a lot of mental health supportive self care. I had strong leadership in my life. And now, five months into this quarantine, I feel thriving.

Corona caution feels like something people are forgetting about

I watching this IG TV with the chief of staff of Shriner’s pediatric hospital about corona and it only made me feel more secure with how cautious I feel about everything right now. Coronavirus remains a serious health risk. Just because it’s inconvenient doesn’t mean it went away.

I’m starting to understand why people won’t wear masks

You don’t wear a mask for yourself you wear it for other people. It’s like avoiding drunk driving–obviously you’re putting yourself in danger but folks who didn’t make the choice to drive drunk don’t deserve to die because of your poor decision making.

I found myself craving the News lately

I wonder do they feel invincible? Do they think this is made up? I understand people needing to go back to work and I don’t judge them, but I am really curious about the partiers. And I say this as someone who was dubbed the “Plus Size Party Girl” by Time Out New York. I get partying, I love to socialize. But not if it risks death or serious injury to me or others.