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Moving towards life or away from life

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(This post is part of a series of daily letters from me to my future children reporting from the emerging paradigm.)

Dear Kids:

I read an incredible article by adrienne maree brown yesterday. Incredible. If you’re not my kids 25 years from now reading this and cruising this blog go read it right now.

She talked about life, and whether we are choosing to move towards it or away from it.

I immediately thought of this unmasked 20 something year old woman marching through the grocery store the other day. She had a big Jesus is my Savior sticker on her car I noticed when I saw her in the parking lot. I wondered if she thought Jesus was her cloth face covering.

I was again pondering the mask vs no mask trend and if it’s coming from a place of not really caring if other people live or die or not caring if they themselves live or die. If some mask refusal is really about a low-key death wish or a low-key murder wish for people who don’t value others.

We already know the disproportionate effect covid is having on Black and Latinx folks. I have still only ever seen white folks online or in person refusing to wear a mask. Maybe it’s murderous white supremacy?

She talked about cancel culture and what’s toxic about it. According to brown in her article, cancel culture has gotten especially rampant during Covid.

A friend of mine asked my advice today about a cancel culture issue she’s potentially facing. The best thing to come out of my experience with cancel culture is being able to help people I care about navigate the waters of cancel culture.

My work in the world is about helping people get free mentally and physically. Understanding how to think about a call out and cancelation is really helpful when you’re navigating it. Mental fortitude and understanding what’s happening when a bunch of people are coming for you on the internet is key. I’ll be giving everyone who asks my perspective on cancelation a link to this article.

I sincerely hope that by the time you’re reading this that we’ve moved so far away from cancel culture that you need me to explain what that means.

And I’ll send you to this epic, brilliant video from Contrapoints explaining what cancel culture is and how it works. I hope it’s a dusty relic in 2045!

Always be too busy building something beautiful to tear anyone else down. And remember that no person is disposable.



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