I wanted to share two very simple ways to help call for a ceasefire.

This link goes to a google doc that allows you to click on your state and send an email to your reps and Senators who are funding this war. You can edit the email before it goes out.

Israel has universal healthcare and we do not, but we robustly fund their military!

It’s easy to clickie and makes a big impact. While I don’t think voting changes anything, I do continue to use my voice in government as much as I can because people died to ensure me that right.

After the response to Covid-19 I do not trust the government to “do the right thing” I only trust caring community members to do the right thing.

I think our real power is in our collective participation or non participation in the corporations who are robbing our planet for profit and exploiting people’s bodies and labor! (I do not shop from sweatshops or Walmart or anything like that.)

There’s a boycott called for Starbucks, McDonald’s and Disney! Easy to avoid all three of those! Swap your Starbucks for a local coffee shop! Swap McDonald’s for literally any other fast food. Don’t buy Disney toys this Christmas! Don’t go see their movies in the theater!

I hear from folks that the boycott is already working and that’s why Starbucks and McDonalds are offering some mega deals on their apps right now–trying to lure folks in. What a time to moralize the brand of lil treat you’re picking up.

I’m not someone who goes out in the street to protest and I salute those who choose to participate in that. I think these efforts take all kinds of participations. I wanted to give you something easy.

Our consumer power is the most important. We all have time, attention and money to spend–curating how you do that with folks who align with your values is how we will create the world of our dreams instead of investing in this murderous paradigm. (See my post about how tipping and spending our money directly with other humans will change the world.)

Check out this post by the Guardian about the profits from this war that Wall Street is already bragging about!
Check out this post about various representatives and senators who are profiting off of this war! These people profit off spending all our tax dollars on war not our healthcare so the insurance company executives can have their yachts with baby yachts!
If you pay taxes in the US your tax dollars paid for this! It happened today!