For folks who have been around this blog (or any of my work) for awhile, you know I’ve worked hard to replace “should” with “could” cuz most of the time that’s a gentler way to say something. I experience a more verdant life when I see possibilities instead of absolutes.

But if you’ve been around awhile you know I roll with psychics and empaths and wow have I seen some folks really spiral when they don’t take salt baths! So I’m sending you the message that salt should be part of your weekly, if not daily, spiritual hygiene!

Hi! I’m Bevin! I want to be a good influence on you!

There are all sorts of reasons! Empaths are like energetic katamaris (magical, highly adhesive balls), rolling around the world picking up other folks energy! Salt is an ally that helps us cut those energetic ties and leaks!

Empaths can experience anxiety, depression, stress, psychosis, you name it because of other people’s energy! Protect yourself!

What kind of salt is an important question, I’m glad you asked. Sea salt is supreme, I get it for 99 cents a pound at my local food co-op. For spiritual work one needs just a little bit to be effective.

Mostly I use epsom salt because it is physically therapeutic! And you need a lot of epsom salt in order to get the benefits through your largest organ, your skin. In a big bathtub I use two cups, in the small bathtub I currently use in my mom’s art studio I use only one cup. Epsom salt has magnesium and I could nerd out about magnesium for hours. Lack of magnesium is why your body feels sore when you get up!

Level up your epsom salt bath healing by using 4 parts epsom salt, 1 part baking soda, 1 part apple cider vinegar. (In a big tub this would be 2 cups epsom salts, 1/2 cup each baking soda and ACV.) I have seen other ratios out there, this is what I was prescribed by a trusted massage therapist for injury recovery.

20 minutes in the epsom salt at a minimum to get those therapeutic bennies, but even just a little salt moment in the shower works for energetic maintenance!

In my shower every day I use a small amount of a sea salt scrub in a counter clockwise motion on my heart and ask that all of my light energy be returned to me with divine care.

I feel so blessed to live in the forest right next to the Sea!

You can also of course use salt water from the sea! I like to dunk under water completely during astrologically auspicious moments like the Leo new moon in the summer time.

When it’s freezing most of the year here in the North Pole I take a sea shell, fill it with some sea water and anoint each of my chakras (crown to root but you choose your path) and ask for my light energy to be returned to me with divine care.

This is the first time in my adult life I’ve lived somewhere without a bathtub. It’s worth it to make living decisions around self care sustainability! I live in an RV down the street from my mom in a peaceful gorgeous lil rural neighborhood with private forest land. The trade-off of no tub in the home was worth it and I’m grateful for my mom’s art studio!

I also set up energetic protection multiple times a day because I find it helps me maintain my peace. I think if everyone who is energetically sensitive would use daily spiritual hygiene we could collectively live in peace. I believe so strongly that the lesson I taught on Spiritual Hygiene on my patreon is FREE and so is the 90 second guided meditation I recorded.

When I first started learning about spirituality and energy I was living in an apartment building in Brooklyn. I realized I was surrounded by people’s energy. I wondered how my life might improve if I lived in a house that didn’t share walls with anyone!

As I have since moved to Los Angeles and now the forest in the North Pole, I have discovered I was correct! It feels so much more expansive to have my primary energetic connection be with the forest.

Our energy is finite and meant for our own use and healing. When we serve others we can tap into a divine unlimited source of energy that doesn’t drain us! To quote the prophets Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter “Let it be known there is a fountain that was not made by the hands of men.”

Marianne Williamson, spiritual thought leader and candidate for president, taught in a class of hers I took for compassion professionals that we can pray for each of our clients before sessions or classes we teach. It connects us to the divine flow so we can serve in a more guided and beneficial way!

I typically do my root planting & calling in divine guidance before I teach classes or see one on one clients.

Humans are energetic beings! I recently learned we are nourished more by energy than even the calories and nutrients we consume. Mind your energy as Oprah likes to remind.

In sum! Use salt to help protect your energy! You deserve less anxiety and more freedom!

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