Lovers are a band out of Portland and they are awesome. Their new cd “A Friend in the World” was released today by Badman Recording Co. If you’re familiar with the band you can just cut to the chase because you probably already love them the link to buy the album is right here, $14.99 on cd or $8.99 mp3.

Their PR company sent me a copy to review for my blog and I know words cannot do this band justice but I will try.

Photo by Alecia Ruscin

It’s hard to describe Lovers’ sound, but I would say kind of electronica sweetness with a steady groove. What I’ve always loved so hard about them is that Carolyn Berk, the lead singer, kind of plays her emotions like an instrument. Like I go on a real emotional roller coaster with Carolyn. My collection of Lovers albums is one of my go-tos for those moments of emotional cutting when I want to just really FEEL something, you know? It’s really gorgeous to watch Carolyn perform live because she just closes her eyes and looks like she’s right back in the corner of that empty house weeping and gnashing teeth over that lost love. I mean, that’s what I imagine it to be and art that gives me such a visceral reaction and colorful imaginings.

Kerby Ferris and Emily Kingan round out the band with this amazing synth sound and the album is extremely beautifully produced. My emotions go on roller coasters along with the music, too.

Photo by Alecia Ruscin

“No more heartbreaks for awhile, ok babe. No more heartbreaks.” From Girl in the Grass. If you need to take a break from someone who keeps riding their bike over your heart this is a great song.

The lyrics of all of their songs are incredible and A Friend in the World doesn’t disappoint. Check them out here. That might sell it to you even before you listen to the album!

“Have I loved you beautifully? Have I loved you carefully, at last?”–James Baldwin and The Diagonal Trance. This track is really great if you are super into beautiful electronic melodies with a little bit of a faster tempo.

Since it helps to be all about it (If you like _____ you’ll like _______) Lovers are similarish to Mazzy Star, MEN, early Portishead, Mirah, The Blow, Camera Obscura.

It’s music for a peaceful drive on a road trip, for lying in the park with your friends, to pop on the stereo when you need to do some hand holding and processing, or if you want to do some sexing to a mellow and sweet vibe but maybe Portishead is too cliche.


You can get the new album now! If you are new to Lovers, I also suggest the album Darklight.

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