Hi pals! Only 16 days until the next Rebel Cupcake. And yes, I’m going into the woods and off the grid mostly for two weeks and, yes, I will be arriving home the same day as Rebel Cupcake. I am dedicated and excited.

This month I’m doing a theme based on my favorite artist of all times, Lucinda Williams. She’s not dance party per se (or at all) but I love her song Lonely Girls. “Sparkly rhinestones/pretty dresses/fancy hairdos worn by lonely girls.” I just imagine these gorgeous feminine archetypes sitting at the bar and being approached by cowboys or other lonely girls. And we all know cowboys are frequently fond of each other. So it’s a big ol’ queer free for all and it is going to be gorgeous!

Also Bird La Bird is stopping by Rebel Cupcake from LONDON on her way to the FEMME CONFERENCE. She is an extraordinary performance artist and I’m really honored to have her.

My bestie and fellow lonely girl, Taylor Black, is going to sing some sad and beautiful songs live on stage. I am going to wear something sparkly. Come to Rebel Cupcake! Last month I got at least a few folks new make-outs. I really enjoy the chance to be a meta-matchmaker by hosting an event and encouraging a friendly, charming environment with free cupcakes. xoxoxo


Thursday, August 16th, 2012 * Brooklyn, NY
Bevin Branlandingham Presents
Rebel Cupcake 28: Lonely Girls
10PM-2AM Dancing; show 11ish * $7
($2 off admission if you are on our texty texty list)
Late night dancing til 4a
Sugarland: 221 N 9th St @ Roebling, Brooklyn, NY
(3 blocks from the Bedford L subway stop)

Rebel Cupcake: a flamboyant dance party for all shapes & flavors! WINNER of Go Magazine Awards for Best Emcee (Bevin) and Most Eclectic Crowd!

*Bird La Bird
From London, England, an amazing Femme feminist performance artist.

*Taylor Black
Haunting troubadour and troublemaker.

*& More!

*Sugarland DJ Bryan Black spins slow jams & riot grrrl favs to get you going, dance beats all night to keep you moving at a house party level–perfect for dancing and mingling! The dance theme this month is LONELY GIRLS which means at least 3 indulgent slow dances during the evening. Sway with a friend, ask a stranger to dance, we’re celebrating loneliness and the coming together of strangers in bars.

*Kelsey Dickey is our new photographer and excited to decorate your facebook page with antics from our wild photo booth!

*Hella foxy Hana Malia, our stylish and charming door captain.

Suggested dress: Pretty dresses, sparkly rhinestones, fancy hairdos for lonely girls. Cowboy/bois. Inspiration from Miss Lucinda Williams. http://youtu.be/TxZ_43VsD6o

We’ll have chairs out during the performances and there is a lot of seating available in grottos and at the bar. This is a great party to be loungey and social or dancey. There is also a smoking deck! The show will be over by midnight so earlybirds can make it home–the show is about 30 minutes long.

As always, free gourmet cupcakes while they last! Morgan Hart is our Cupcake Princess.

Accessibility notes: The stage area and bar are wheelchair accessible. Coming into the venue is a little narrow but there are no stairs to enter or to get to the main seating area for the show. Lots of street parking available. (Please let me know if you need any accommodations!)

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