I am on News 12 New York in a piece about businesses with gay employees that offer health insurance. Re/Dress was selected and as an employee who is gay and has health insurance, the newscaster asked me “Will you and your partner be getting married?” And I said “I want News 12 viewers to know I am single.”

Anyway, they said in the report, “Bevin Branlandingham, who is single, doesn’t want to get married for insurance.” And then I talk about how getting divorced is expensive so you shouldn’t get married for health insurance.

I am going to try to somehow get a copy of this news report for my own digital media library, but in the meantime try clicking this link to News 12:

BK companies working out health benefits for same-sex couples

It might give you some hooey about being a subscriber to a cable provider but I was able to work around it by going to “Top Stories.” It’s dated June 30, 2011 and dateline: Boerum Hill.

So far no one who saw me on the news has contacted me about a marriage proposal, but I’m still hopeful. Though I’m not sure I am so interested in dating the News 12 viewer crowd. No offense.

Photo by Dee Dean Leitner

But the real question is, when my relationship status changes, do I give News 12 the exclusive or do I go straight to TMZ?

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