From Conference Chair Christine De La Rosa… Please consider donating or hosting a pass the hat $10 a plate event or whatever in your town! The Femme Conference changed so many of our lives, including mine! That’s where I met Leah and many many other Femmes.

If you are wondering what the Femme Conference is all about, I did TWO episodes about it on FemmeCast, Episode 5 and 5.5 are all about the conference.

And I hope to see you all in Atlanta in 2010!

Hello all you fabulous Femmes and allies!

Your Femme Steering Committee hopes that you are having a wonderful year. As you may have guessed it is about time for us to start gearing up for 2010. We are very excited about Femme2010 and hope you are too! For those of you who were with us in 2008, you know that we ran at a $3995.07 deficit. We have managed, through generous donations from Femme Conference supporters, to raise $1606.45 to offset the deficit, but we are still short $2388.62. You can check out the financials page for 2008 here.

While we are excited about planning for 2010, we, as a collective feel it is important to bring the Femme Conference out of the deficit first. This is where you can help us. Please consider making a donation of whatever you can via our Paypal donate button located here.

Additionally if you are interested in hosting a fundraising event for the Femme Conference, just let us know so we can figure out the logistics and help you with it! Any overage that we have from this first round of fundraising will go directly towards the production of the 2010 Femme Conference.

Thank you in advance for your support. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Femme Collective Steering Committee