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Window Shopping With Adam and Eve

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Hi friends! This featured post is brought to you in partnership with, as an introduction for my readers. The opinions and language are all mine!

As you know, I am a big fan of accessories. I’m also a big fan of getting laid and other people getting laid. Window shopping accessories for sex is a really fun pass time. Let’s do it!

Sex & Mischief Bondage Tape


A friend of mine got me this in pink once. Adam & Eve has it in black or red for $9.95. It’s great because it sticks to itself and if you’re not a very good knot person (unlike me, I was a Girl Scout) and want to play with bondage it is a great tool. **Safety first! Always have good scissors on hand–medical scissors recommended. And play with a safe word.**

I have to say that in lieu of having someone to play or have sex with, bondage tape makes a great make-shift halter bra when you need maximal cleavage and your back free of straps. Just get a friend to help you and wrap a fairly tight circle around your neck and under your boobs a bunch of time. I have a really cute deep cleavage halter dress and this is a must-have accessory.

I also like bondage tape for the cute stripes and criss crosses you can make along your body for costume purposes.

Nina Hartley’s Guide To Great Sex During Pregnancy DVD


As a 33 year old woman I think about 40% of my friends are procreating or about to procreate. I am tired of baby shower gifts being all about the baby. What about my friends’ needs? I think this is a great gift. I like Nina Hartley a lot, and I like that one of the scenes is described as Nina having sex with a pregnant porn star using a strap-on. It’s $19.95.

Adam & Eve Mini Love Bullet


This tiny bullet is waterproof and smaller than a lipstick. I just think it is handy to have, and you never know when you’re going to be meeting up with a date and need to have a stash of sexcessories in your purse for later. Dating in NYC is a hassle like that because mostly we don’t have cars to keep our overnight bags in so we need to be as compact as possible. $9.95 and done!

Hitachi Magic Wand


I think the Hitachi Magic Wand is an essential component to any well-stocked sex toy collection. It’s the go to when the stars aren’t aligning enough to make an orgasm happen and it really just aligns those stars for you. I bought mine a decade ago and (knock on wood) it’s still in great shape. $69.95 here and a total investment piece. (Also, I totally bought mine for more than that in the olden days when it was way more expensive.)

Lace Long-Sleeved Bodystocking


I know this is supposed to be about sex accessories and I keep veering toward fashion, but I really love the way a full body stocking looks under a slutty dress for clubwear or you know, a Tuesday. This one comes in Queen Size for only $22.95, apparently fits up to a size 20 but I know some ingenious fat girls who will stretch it to work for them. Plus, how hot is it when you end up getting home with someone and it turns out you’re wearing a full body stocking?

Camouflage Boxers


Adam & Eve have cutie stuff for all gender presentations. I just know there are some drag kings who read my blog who are ready for this number. Feel free to use it. Song: Love is a Hunter by Rae Spoon. Slow fade to hunter walking in, wearing full hunter regalia (like camouflage rain gear and a hat with flaps on the ears) and holding a big toy rifle. Another two drag performers come out dressed as deer and there is a whole interpretive dance where the hunter tries to get the two deer and then they outfox him and then during the crescendo of the song the hunter strips down to these camo boxers that are $24.95. Then the hunter, down to his base human form, has the realization that he doesn’t need to shoot things to feel alive. And the deer do a victory dance. Jazz hooves.

Also, important to note that offers free shipping for orders over $59!

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