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How white supremacy culture overlaps with the disease of alcoholism

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(This post is part of a series of daily letters from me to my future children reporting from the emerging paradigm.)

I went to this rad anti-racism workshop my pal AmyJo facilitated on zoom yesterday. We spent a lot of time talking about white supremacy and I had a women and gender studies class aha moment.

AmyJo shared with us this list of characteristics of white supremacy culture.

I love the metaphor of the women and gender studies aha because there were so many times in those classes where the professor just tore at the fabric of the limits we didn’t realize our perspective had. One day I woke up at 17 years old (Freshman, first quarter, women and gender studies 101) thinking gender was a fixed binary and by the end of the day I understood that gender was a universe of possibilities.

Consciousness raising is rad.

So, it turns out, our whole culture and all of the most toxic things about having alcoholic relatives really overlaps with characteristics of white supremacy culture.

Perfectionism. Sense of urgency. Defensiveness. Paternalism. Either/or thinking.

I’m excited to keep digging into this, but for sure patriarchy and white supremacy drive us to drink and create the hardest aspects of living with an alcoholic. Loved this workshop, really grateful for all the opportunity to learn with other white folks how to end white supremacy.



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