The first Reiki infused tea pre-sale ended on March 2nd! Shoot me an email (queerfatfemme at gmail) to be added to my Reiki Tea email list and get first notification when I launch my next pre-sale!

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In this blog I chronicle the relentless pursuit of my joy. A month ago I moved to LA, I’m retiring from the practice of law and chasing my dreams. This pre sale will fund my tuition to B-School, a reputable online marketing and business program to help me develop an amazing brand to get this healing modality into as many hands as possible.

If you want to buy more than one tin or add a tea infuser for $10 to your order, email me directly at queerfatfemme at gmail and I’ll send you a paypal invoice. The order buttons don’t let me discount the shipping for multiple tins, my intention is to charge flat rate shipping for one or more tins.


It has long been my wish to retire from the practice of law in order to follow my dreams. For years I thought about it, but had no idea how it could happen. Creating my own line of Reiki-infused teas is one of my biggest dreams, and I’m taking the first steps in order to turn it into a goal. After all, goals are dreams with deadlines! (For more about the background for my Reiki tea, check out this blog post.)

My goal is to sell as much Reiki infused tea as I can by March 2 so I can pay the $2,000 tuition for B-School, and I could really use your help!

The sale will end on March 2, I’ll ship out the tea orders by April 2. (I need to buy the tea, herbs and the containers to fill the orders.)

Each tin of loose leaf tea makes 20 cups and costs $20. The sampler pack has all seven flavors with enough to make 3 cups of each flavor for $30.

Reiki Tea flavor offerings:

Each of the individual herbs and ingredients are infused with Reiki energy and each blend is infused with Reiki energy. I don’t know your personal health history and can’t make any health claims. Always consult with your physician for health information!

Self Love Tea
Caffeinated. Pu-erh is a type of tea that is fermented rather than dried. The result is a more full-bodied tea with richer flavor and darker in color. I blend the Pu-erh with rose petals and bergamot. Rose petals balance the heart and mind and soothe emotions. Making yourself tea is a self-loving act; making tea with the intention of loving yourself and the support of rose petals kicks the effectiveness into high gear!

Bevin’s Earl Grey
Caffeinated. Black tea leaves are blended with a small amount of Rhodiola rosea, a root traditionally used to fight fatigue and improve energy in folks depleted by stress. Flavored with bergamot oil like a traditional Earl Gray, this tea goes beyond the standard renewal of the traditional Earl Gray.

Find Your Chill
Herbal tisane (the common parlance is “tea” but actually when they are herbs it’s a tisane). This is my calming blend. Chamomile and lavender are standards in the calming herbal market, but did you know that catnip has a soothing effect on humans? I find it really takes down my stress levels. For this reason, catnip is also great at soothing upset stomachs! I blend it with lemon peel, orange peel and other natural citrus flavors to add deliciousness. My serving suggestion to take the flavor up a notch is to add lemon juice (bonus if it’s fresh lemon from a neighbor’s tree).

Feelings Tea
Herbal tisane. When you are having Big Feelings–anger, hurt, frustration, sadness, grief–the only way out is through. My Feelings tea is a blend of oatstraw, rose petals and hawthorne berries to support soothing and strengthening the nerves and emotional healing. My Find Your Chill calming herbs–lavender, chamomile and catnip are also added to help soothe tension. To this I add natural tart flavorings, including elderberries, rosehips and hibiscus, to acknowledge that having feelings is sometimes tart. The blend is delicious and a great way to step back and support feeling your feelings.

Dolly Mint
Herbal tisane. This was my favorite to blend as I am a really picky mint tea drinker and I’ve really nailed it with this one. I blend spearmint and peppermint, both soothe digestion. Added to it is a touch of sweet blackberry leaves, rosemary, rosehips, and chicory root. Chicory (you might know it from the addition to th that rounds out the mint with an earthy flavor. It’s great as a standard hot tea and also wonderful iced. Another serving suggestion–I like to give it a long steep (say, 30 minutes or so) and then add ice and your fav dairy or non-dairy milk for a delicious iced tea latte situation.

Hibiscus Coconut
Herbal tisane. Hibiscus, which is great for hydration and cooling, and coconut, which is great for being delicious.

Rooibos Citrus
Herbal tisane. Rooibos is an African Red Bush tea that is known to hold flavors exceptionally well. Rooibos is a medicinal wunderkind–great at treating skin conditions and fighting free radicals. I blend this with citrus flavors to create a delicious tea suitable to any time of day.

Lesbian Tea Basket Sampler Pack
A sample pack that will make you 3 cups of each of the seven flavors.

If you have questions about the teas, email me queerfatfemme at gmail dot com.

Maybe you don’t want to buy tea and just want to donate to my B-School tuition? OMG thank you!