A body liberation coach is a mentor who helps you develop the tools to love the body you have exactly as it is. Body liberation is divorcing yourself from the notion that your body must change in order to live a happy, healthy, radiant and empowered life.

I work with clients all over the world to learn to love their bodies and create the lives they want to live, meeting via Skype or phone weekly or bi-weekly.

For the past five years I’ve been traveling the US and Canada giving workshops on body love and liberation. The workshops are a beautiful connection– I love bringing the tools that have worked for me and others to have a rewarding relationship with your body. Adding one-on-one coaching creates accountability and a personalized curriculum enabling clients to develop in those areas where they have the most struggle.

For folks who do not struggle with their body but struggle with other blocks to happiness and authenticity, I offer empowerment coaching to help to release those blocks and step into a life that is better than they can imagine. I’ll provide an easy going stretch of your comfort zone.

I work with clients for three months, with the option to continue after the initial three month program. After our first meeting we will set goals together and I will create a curriculum to get us there. At the end of the three month program you will feel more connected to your body and in alignment with your purpose.

I offer a complimentary thirty minute introductory call. To redeem this call, complete the following form. Once we have set-up the time for our introductory call there are no cancellations in order to redeem the complimentary call.

To find out more, complete the following form:

1. Describe your body, in 2-3 sentences?

2. If you loved your body, what would your life be like?

3. What do you think are your three biggest blocks to living an empowered life?

4. Name, age, location, gender, sexuality?

5. How did you hear about my services?


$60 per hour a la carte coaching

Package of 4 hours–$200.00

Package of 14 hours, full three month program–$560.00

I want to help you love your body and create the life of your dreams!

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