I love to travel, teach and perform! Bring me to your college, venue, store or retreat space! Email me for more information, queerfatfemme at gmail dot com.

“Bevin’s workshop united an eclectic group of performers–providing us with unique tools for the stage, and infusing that ever elusive boost of self confidence needed to truly shine as an individual, and as a collective. Her charismatic, genuine, and effervescent personality shone through as she easily commanded a room full of personalities. With Bevin and her knowledgeable guidance, we were imbued with a greater understanding of our characters and were able to take our performances to the next level.”–Rachel, Yale ’10

Here is a list of workshops I offer. All can be customized for your group, and I am totally open to writing new workshops.

Love for EveryBODY: In a fatphobic society it is a radical act for anyone to love their body. This interactive, humorous and tender workshop provides a safe space for people of all body types, sizes, sexualities, gender expressions and abilities to explore learning to love your body as it is. Body liberation activism, Health at Every Size, and using movement and fashion to improve self-esteem will be discussed. (2 hours)

Get Me Embodied: a physical toolkit for learning to be present in your body and celebrate all bodies. It is inclusive of all abilities. A great team-building and group bonding workshop! (2 hours)

Drag for all Genders: The how, what, where and why of performing drag in all genders. A hands-on workshop through the basics of gender transformation, a brief history of drag king an drag queen cultures, showpersonship skills, developing a drag character and more! (3 hours)

Nobody Ever Died of Awkward: Dating can be a nightmare but it’s all a great story! This workshop for folks of all genders and sexualities discusses methods of combating the terror of asking folks out, courtship rituals for the 20teens, developing coping strategies for getting stood-up, how to be good in bed, safer sex practices, good consent, romancing yourself and breaking up gracefully (or as gracefully as possible). (2 hours)

Here’s a list of performances I offer!

*An Evening with Bevin Branlandingham: storytelling, burlesque and interactive slideshow. (1 hour)
*Lesbolesque acts. (10 minutes each)
*Femmeceeing: I can hostess your show! (The length of your show)
*Rebel Cupcake in Your Town: I’m happy to curate a night of performances and a DJ dance party just like the Rebel Cupcake I throw every month in Brooklyn. (4 hours–30 minute show, 1 hour mingling, 2.5 hour dance party)
*Cupcake Cabaret: I will curate an evening of performances around the radical act of self-love. (90 minutes)

Here is a list of things I can speak about or facilitate:

Self love, body liberation activism, fat activism, queer activism, intersectionality of identities, law, law school, coming out, student loans, real estate law, home buying 101, living your dream, creating your own spiritual practice, tea, team building exercises, sex, sexuality, performance, LGBT family planning law, fashion & style, community organizing and so much more.

Cast of the Cupcake Cabaret I curated for the first annual Quorum Forum, January 2011.

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