Hey y’all! I am stranded in San Francisco and having a ball. I came out here to throw Rebel Cupcake in Oakland with my friend Christine at her production company‘s Friday night party Hot Box and go to the Hard French Winter Ball. Both events were unique and incredible queer experiences!

Me and Christine.

There was an ice storm in Brooklyn and our flight got rescheduled so Mackenzi and I are stuck here for a couple of more days.


Just a blog housekeeping note: for some reason the bandwidth on Queer Fat Femme.com went bananas the other day and I exceeded the meager bandwidth I pay for (maybe it’s time I sold advertising?) so for a couple of days there was a blank screen where there once were pithy anecdotes and queer magic fun times. I make it up to you now with this…

New episode of the Lesbian Tea Basket! Check it out, featuring Alix and Jen Gandy, discussion of Maple Chasing and, you know, tea for lesbians.

Also while on vacation I’ve been reading some Mormon Mommy Blogs (there’s a whole tribe of them, I just read about them on Jezebel and Salon.com). I’m totally inspired by them, because of the positive attitude, extremely cute and inventive crafts, and their relentless photo documentation of the things they do. So maybe I’ll include more stories and recaps on the blog in the coming months.

Mackenzi and I were talking about what exciting things are happening in New York City this weekend. She said, “There are lots of things to do this weekend, unpack, do laundry, mourn the fact that you’re not in San Francisco.”

This might be the opposite of an ice storm.

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